November 14, 2013

At Home Date Night

Last night was one of our first free nights this month, so I wanted to do something fun just us.  Since it coincided with the first cold day this season I decided to take some ideas from this date idea from the Dating Divas and plan an at home date night!

I left a note for David before I left for work about our date night and then came home yesterday afternoon to get things ready.

I had David text me when he was leaving work so I could get dinner ready.  I ended up picking up the ultimate comfort food from Black Eyed Pea because that seemed perfect for a cold night.

I left some snowflake notes for David when he got home.

Then I got home and we settled in for dinner.  We spent dinner time making a list of all the things we want to do in December.  I know the Holidays will be busy this year, so I want to make sure we plan well to get in the things we really want to do.  It was fun to look ahead a little.

Then we settled in for a movie.  I had hung up a few lights around our TV to add snowflake lights and some fun.  I also lit candles--the lights and candles kinda made up for no fireplace.

Then we snuggled on the floor with hot apple cider and watched the movie.  I love my pajamas more than anything, so it was fun to have a cozy night at home in our warm pajamas with the heat on.  

And yes, we watched a Christmas movie.  The Holiday is one of my favorite movies--and it's actually the movie we watched on our first date, so it was fun to watch it together again.  Today the lights and Christmas movies are put back away for a couple weeks, but it was a fun way to celebrate the first cold night!

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erin m said...

Yay for at home date nights! :)