November 29, 2013

Christmas Decorating

 Welcome to Christmas at our place!

Our Living Room--David loves all the lights and he did a great job putting them up on our entertainment center, I think they add a lot!
 Our little tree 
With some fun special ornaments :)

 Stockings hung up by the closest thing we have to a mantel

 Love the Willow Tree Nativity
 And this Print of Isaiah 9:6

Moving into the kitchen... 

 I decorate with a lot of snowmen, so then I feel like they can stay out past Christmas :)

 I added a new bow to my burlap wreath, along with a winter sign and centerpiece

And this guy found a home in our bathroom

That's the basic tour of our place at Christmas time--- there are sure to be lots of Christmas movies watched, Christmas scented candles lit, and Christmas treats eaten over the next month as we enjoy our first married Christmas!

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