November 8, 2013

Week in Photos

Monday was cold and rainy, but we headed out after work to UTD for our Monday night discussion group.  It was a great evening gathered around the table discussing Jesus with friends.

 Tuesday the rainy weather continued and my life group decided to stay in and gather at our apartment (while David went to meet up with the guys).  We sat around one of my favorite places, drank hot drinks and shared life updates and prayer requests

Wednesday brought our one free evening this week, so we stayed in.  I am a big fan of country music, so I subjected David to the CMA's.  We enjoyed an evening on the couch catching up with my favorite stars :)

 Thursday we geared up for the Baylor OU game!  

Last year I posted this as we watched OU beat Baylor

But with that in the past who would have ever guessed that a year later our first married BU/OU game would be such a huge game for Baylor since they were going in undefeated with a lot to prove?  I had been excited for the game for a long time, but the anticipation kept growing as Baylor kept breaking their records. 

 We actually spent most of the evening at a rehearsal dinner for our friends Chris and Amy who are getting married Sunday.  It was a fun evening catching up with some friends.  And we took a picture in our "Christmas colored football clothes" (as David refers to them).

I got some phone and text updates while we were gone and we made it home to watch most of the 2nd half.  
And it was amazing.

 Yes!  Baylor beat OU by more than was even predicted
Yes! Baylor has proved they can play well even against "real" opponents
It was a very exciting night to be a Baylor Bear
(and I got the same update twice because I get final scores for both Baylor and OU from the college football app, so it sent it twice)

 And tonight I am taking pumpkin cupcakes and sugar cookies for dessert at our International Home Group

Now on to a busy weekend!

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