November 27, 2013

A week of Photos

When I was thinking about all the prompts for last week, I realized that my work looks a lot like play

I took most of Friday off and spent time getting my home clean and ready for decorating

Saturday I went to Sarah's shower.  I got to enjoy time with friends and some yummy treats.

The words Winter Storm Warning sure caused a frenzy around Dallas.  Too bad it was for nothing and it was just rain

Right now I'm reading some books on my Kindle app.  I read through the Divergent series and after I saw Catching Fire last week, I wanted to reread the book, so I have been.

Tuesday at work we went for an afternoon treat... S is for Sweet Tea on days like that

Today I spent the day baking with my mom to get ready for Thanksgiving.  We made apple and pumpkin pies.  And I definitely love the texture of my favorite thanksgiving dessert, chocolate eclair!

Now onto Thanksgiving and the last few days of November!

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