October 20, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Welcome In

Well our home is finally starting to feel settled.  We've had some repair work done over the past few weeks and while there's still more to come, I was able to get a lot set up this past weekend... so Welcome in!
 Love our little front porch area
 The view from our front door into the Dining Room and Living Room (complete with the dog who will be there to bark at you as soon as she hears the door open!)
 Still need to unpack the China into my China cabinet, but glad to have it situated.  And we have 2 beautiful scroll paintings from Chinese friends that complemented the area well
Our Dining Room... China Cabinet and Dining Table (that we bought on Amazon and spent the past 2 weeks assembling)

 Then turn into our living room
 A view of the Living room from the Kitchem
 Love the decor I was able to put out on these shelves, including several gifts from China that friends have given us!
 Our entertainment center... with room to spare on either side.

The living space in our house is so wonderful and was a big reason that we bought this house.  We love how open everything is and how perfect it seems for having people over!  More of the home tour to come this week

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