October 3, 2014

Fall Friday Fun

So I've maybe mentioned once or twice how much I love Fall.  There are just so many fun things to do around here September-November and then of course into December (which is still mostly Fall, but let's be honest it's really Christmas season in this house!)

So I thought I'd take some time on Fridays to share about the Fall goings on in the Daniels house.  And this is the perfect week to kick it off because this week we participated in one of the best traditions of Fall in Dallas--going to the State Fair!

My friend Amy and I decided we wanted to try to go during the week this year.  I've gone to the fair with her (and a group of friends) the last few years and we've usually gone on a Saturday.  2 years ago it rained and last year the weather was perfect but it was super crowded.  So this year we decided to try something different and started planning for a weeknight to go.  We decided to go this past Tuesday while our Bible Studies are taking a break.  And it was a lot of fun.

We went with a pretty small group for this trip which made it easy to get to lots of different places.  We met up after work and rode the DART out to the Fair to avoid traffic (worked perfectly).  And since it was in the middle of the week, we were able to take advantage of the $5 Tuesday deal with a Dr Pepper can for cheap admission!

 We started our evening with the ostrich races.  I didn't get any good pictures (Obviously), but this event is always pretty funny and they take a break in the middle and have little kids "race" ducks by chasing them down the field which is hilarious
 Next we headed to see all the animals in the petting zoo--including this giraffe sniffing his next door neighbor
 I snapped a picture of the sunset and the lack of crowds as we headed from there to get some food.  Most people got a traditional Fletchers Corny Dog.  I decided to try (and share) the Fried Frito Pie and the Fried Cheesecake--and I really liked them both.  David also sampled the Chicken Fried Bacon.
 We spent some time in the Creative Arts Building looking at all of the art work people submitted, checking out the butter sculpture and hanging out with the Vitamix guy for his demonstrations and samples!
 From there we headed to the car show where we were able to check out some of the newest models and have fun sitting in a variety of different cars
And we ended the night with a visit to Big Tex!

I love going to the Fair on a weekend and spending the whole day, but sometimes it's also nice to go for a few hours in the middle of the week-- cheaper admission, no crowds, and we still got to see everything I was go to the Fair for!

It was a perfect evening to kick off the Fall season--even though it was still pretty hot

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