October 10, 2014

Fall Friday Fun #2: Decorations

I really love decorating for Fall.  And I was very excited that we would be moving in to our new house in time for Fall decorating!  I'm looking forward to our first Christmas here, but it was really fun getting out my Fall stuff.  

Since we had to have some foundation work done, I had to hold off on most of my indoor decorating.  But I decorated our front porch the first week we moved in

I had made that Sign in the bottom corner before we moved.  I added a hay bale, pumpkin and scarecrow.
 And I hung my all-season burlap wreath (with it's fall flowers and bow) on the door :)

This week I put out a few more of the fall decorations

This bookshelf has had several different homes and been used in several different ways--both vertically and horizontally.  In our last apartment it held serving dishes in our dining room.  At our new house I wanted to use it behind our sofa.  So I decorated the top with Fall subway art, a garland, candles and candy... and it just makes me happy every time I see it.

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Kristen said...

You're precious :) Wanna come decorate my house for fall? We actually have fall colors in our yard to match the decorations!