April 1, 2017

Cooper's Birth Day

What a crazy past week it has been!  We spent most of last week waiting for Cooper and trying all the things to get him to come.  We had an induction scheduled to begin Sunday night (April 2), so by the time we reached Friday we figured we'd be heading in to the hospital Sunday and set out to enjoy our weekend.  We went out to dinner Friday night and enjoyed a movie at home together.

I woke up Saturday morning and my water broke around 7:30.  Almost immediately the inconsistent contractions I'd been having started coming every 3 minutes and lasting 1+ minute.  So I woke David up and we called the doctor and headed in to the hospital.

I haven't posted any "bump updates" but we have been taking a picture each month for Coop's baby book, so we snapped this one on the way out the door to the hospital

The rest of the day was a crazy whirlwind.  Once we got to the hospital I was not only in a lot of pain, but was also nauseous and couldn't get a break from the pain/nausea at all.  After a few hours waiting, I had an epidural placed and then we spent the afternoon resting/watching TV.

At 4:00, my doctor checked me and I was fully dilated, but the baby was still higher up, so they decided to wait an hour before pushing.  I sat up to try to get gravity's help with getting him into position, but baby's heart rate didn't like me sitting up too much so we had to kind of compromise with the position.  Around 5:00, I started to push.  After 2 hours of pushing, Cooper was no further down than he had been at 4:00 so the doctor brought up a c-section.  The staff was very helpful and encouraging in helping us make a decision--they gave us all of the information and let us talk through it and decide how to proceed.  We decided to go ahead and follow the doctor's advice and prepare for a c-section.  We preferred to go ahead and start that process while we had time instead of waiting and possibly ending up in an emergency situation due to his heart rate fluctuations.  

So we started prepping and headed back to the OR.  And at 7:53 that night Cooper was born!

 This is my favorite picture David took after Cooper was here.  He just looks so disgruntled about being in the outside world, but I love that you can see his eyes and his hair in this one.

Then off to the recovery room where we did lots of snuggling and skin to skin.

We were so glad to finally hold our baby boy!  It was a crazy busy whirlwind day and didn't go how we expected, but I am thankful for a healthy little guy.  We are so in love already!

More details to come about Coop's first few days and all his visitors!

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