April 22, 2017

Cooper's First Bath

Cooper's Umbilical Cord fell off Thursday night, so we were finally able to give him a bath!  We've been wiping him down with wet cloths frequently because he tends to get milk all over his face when he eats and his hair is always a little crazy since he has so much of it already, so it was nice to give him a full bath.

We put him in the water and covered him with a warm washcloth. 
 This is when he was still okay with it.  He soon got upset about the whole bath thing :)

He was glad to be out of the bath and wrapped up in his towel

Still a little mad at us in this picture

Daddy is really good at getting him swaddled in his swaddle blankets, so he got him all wrapped up

And then he was good to go! 
 Our clean burrito baby!

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