April 5, 2017

Cooper's First Visitors

Since Cooper was born late on Saturday, it gave us a little time before visitors started coming on Sunday.  One of silver linings of having a c-section is that we had an extra night and day in the hospital, so we had a little more time for people to come up to meet him without worrying too much about everyone rushing there and not having enough time for everyone to see him.  It also was nice that it was a weekend so our families had time to come spend with us on Sunday (and beyond).  

Sunday morning when we woke up, I told Cooper it was time to meet his fan club. 

First up was his Nanny and Pappaw

David enjoyed getting to show off our little guy to his parents

Sunday evening Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Aja stopped by for a while.  They decided to leave their kids with Aja's parents so they could come meet Cooper without too much craziness, but we are looking forward to him meeting his cousins soon hopefully!

And then Grandma and Uncle Nick came up for a while
 My mom actually ended up being with us on the night Cooper was born.  We asked her to come bring David some dinner and then had her stay with all of the craziness of going in for a c-section etc.  So she met us in the recovery room and stayed with us until we got to our room for the night.  However, she didn't hold him until Sunday because she wanted us to have our time with him-- so here is Cooper hanging out with Grandma for the first time.

Erin also came up to visit for a while Sunday night after she got her babies to bed! 

Monday our friend Scott came and brought us lunch (it was my first non-liquid meal after Cooper was born!) and hung out with Coop for a while. 

My Aunt and Cousin also came to visit Monday afternoon, but we forgot to grab a picture with them.

Aunt Rachel was sick when Cooper was born, so she came and met him once we were home.

We are so thankful for all of these people who already love Cooper so much!

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