April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

When I realized Cooper was going to be born right around Easter, I knew I wanted a picture of him in an Easter basket.  This is the one my mom bought for him to have at her house (yes, she still gives all of us Easter baskets every year!), so she brought it over for us to play around with.  He woke up as we were shooting the pictures, so I didn't get a ton, but I thought this one was cute.

And he's pretty cute when he's crying too #outtakes  I had to snap a picture quickly and then I picked him up and got him out of that silly basket like he was asking me to! 

We also bought a few Easter themed clothes at Target for him.  Since his daddy likes a good pun, here's his favorite.
Cooper doesn't look too cracked up here :)

We're looking forward to seeing both families this weekend for birthday and Easter celebrations!  Cooper is a lucky guy to have so many people who love him. 

And as we stood singing in Good Friday service last night, I couldn't help but think about how much the Easter story means to me this year.  I am so grateful for a healthy and happy baby boy, but I'm so much more grateful that no matter what comes our way things are well with my soul because of Jesus.  And I'm grateful to get to raise Cooper to hopefully know that same assurance.  What a huge privilege.  

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