April 24, 2017

Wildflower Pictures

One of the beautiful things about living in Texas is wildflower season in the Spring.  So when I saw that the City of Richardson had posted about a few spots where the flowers were blooming, I wanted to try to take a trip out to get a few pictures with Cooper.  After church yesterday, we stopped by Crowley Park and found the field of beautiful flowers.
We snapped a few pictures of Coop on his blanket with the flowers, but since they were so tall and we didn't bring any other props it was hard to get many good ones.

 So then we hopped in the pictures too!  We have hardly any pictures of me and Cooper so far, so it was fun to get to take a few when I was already dressed for church
 And Daddy got some with his boy too.

It was a beautiful day to be out at the park for a little while!  It's crazy to think that next year when if we take wildflower pictures that Cooper will probably be moving all around and on the go!

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