December 4, 2014

Cooking Up Memories: Poppy Seed Chicken

I was planning to do a month of Desserts for December.  But then Thanksgiving and Birthday week hit and we had more than enough delicious desserts to last us and share with everyone!  So I switched gears for this week.

We had our friends Lucas and Yali over tonight because they are taking care of Lily for us for a few days so we were showing them all of her stuff.  So we invited them over for dinner and I found a recipe to make.  And this one was a real winner--fairly simple and very delicious!

 Most of the ingredients (minus the chicken that was cooking at this time)

 Crushing up the crackers for the topping

Mix it all together, bake and voila!

Poppy Seed Chicken
*1 pound Chicken *1 can cream of chicken soup * 1 can cream of mushroom soup *small container of sour cream *1/2 box Waverly Crackers (butter) {I used the Club mini crackers instead because that's what I could find} *1/8 cup Poppy seeds *1 stick butter
-Boil Chicken and separate (tear apart)
-Mix soups, sour cream and chicken
-Line in 9 x 13 pan
-Mix crumbed crackers, Poppy Seeds, and Butter (melted).  Add over top of chicken mix
Bake 325 for 35 minutes

All four of us loved this dinner.  Yali asked for the recipe so she can try it at home, which usually means it was a good dinner!  And we finished off almost the whole pan!  Definitely one I will make again.

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