December 21, 2014

Cooking Up Memories: Cranberry Punch {And Elf Movie Night!}

It's Christmas week!  We've had a fun last couple of weeks full of parties and celebrations with friends, good food, looking at Christmas lights, and watching lots of Christmas movies!

There are a few of the recipes that are very seasonal-specific and this is one them.  I knew I had to make this Cranberry Punch before Christmastime was over.  This weekend we had some international friends over to watch a Christmas movie and go look at Christmas lights (like we did last year) so I knew that was a good opportunity to make the punch

When I looked at this recipe and saw it needed a coffee maker, I didn't know when I would have a chance to use one. Luckily, my mom has one she rarely uses now that she has her Keurig, so I borrowed it for the weekend.

Cranberry Punch {I only did half of the recipe and it was enough for us!}
*8 cups unsweetened pineapple juice
*8 cups cranberry juice cocktail
-Pour in Coffee Pot
In coffee basket add: 
* 1 cup brown sugar *4 cinnamon sticks *2 tablespoons whole cloves *1/4 teaspoon salt
Brew together

Honestly, I didn't love this punch.  I'm not a huge pineapple person so that might have been part of it, but based on the fact that you have to have a coffee maker to brew this we probably won't make it again soon.  It was definitely a fun Christmas drink though and added to our selection for the movie night.  I just would prefer a cup of apple cider :)

Here was the rest of our spread for the night
Since we watched Elf, I wanted to add some quotes from the movie as decor... so this was greeting our guests on the front door

 For the snacks we had chips and queso, a pigs in the blanket wreath, a candy cane shaped cheese ball, and Elf Munch (Chex Mix)
 And for dessert some cookies and candies!

It was fun watching a movie with friends.  None of the international students had seen Elf and they all seemed to like it!

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