August 29, 2013

Welcome Rogue

On David's birthday about 2 months ago I texted him this picture when I was on my way over to his place:

My poor Tribute was getting old.  A month after being told it needed a new transmission and tires, I found the check engine light on.  So we decided to start looking for replacements.  

David's been searching the internet finding good deals and this past week we found one we didn't want to pass up.

So we are now the owners of a brand new 2013 Nissan Rogue!

It's a fun little crossover car.  We went Tuesday night to test drive it and ended up driving away in it that night leaving the old Tribute behind.  I have loved driving it the last 2 days and am so grateful for a working car where I don't have to constantly worry if today will be the day it'll break down.

What a blessing!

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