August 17, 2013

DIY Headband

So I have been getting the sewing bug lately. I always find cute things to make but I don't have a sewing machine. I really wanted to make a dress for our double date to the Rangers game, so I borrowed my friend Amy's sewing machine.

The dress was a disaster- I cut it all wrong and messed it up. Guess not everything from my "apparel design and production" class at Baylor stuck ;)

Yesterday I decided I really wanted to wear a headband to the game. So I decided to make them. It was a much more doable task :)

I started by making the flower for the top. I've seen lots of tutorials for fabric and ribbon flowers. I got out my trusty hot glue gun and went to work!  I cut out a circle of fabric for the base and started wrapping the ribbon in the circle starting from the outside and working my way in gluing at each step. 

I've made the flowers with pearls or other buttons in the middle, but since it was for a rangers game I got the baseball buttons

Then I used a headband I already had as a pattern. It's not real exact- but it's about 2 inches at its widest and then gets smaller toward the ends. It needs to be long enough to tie behind your head. 

Then I pressed up the sides a little (like 1/4 inch) and sewed it underneath to make the edges look nice. 

Then I sewed the flower to the top. 

It was so easy and quick I made one for Sarah too:

I had 2 red fabrics so hers is a little different. And I hot glued her flower onto the headband because we were running late ;)

The finished products:

It was a super easy and super cheap project. The buttons were my biggest expense :) and I think they are pretty cute. I'll have to make more before I return the sewing machine

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Amy said...

Love it! Too cute. Since they are so easy to make, I am thinking a 12 Days of Christmas themed collection...know where we can get "eight maids-a-milking" buttons?