August 9, 2013

Apartment Tour Part 5

Finishing up the tour of the apartment today with some of our decorations--mainly things that were given to us as gifts

 I love having prints that I find on Pinterest in my 11x14 frame, so this one carried over from my old apartment (it was technically a Valentine's Day Printable).  The Willow Tree figurine was a gift at our Cleburne shower and I really love it

 A Gift from Mama and Daddy Mazur :)

 My sister-in-law bought this for my kitchen shower

 Erin made this for us--love having it in our bedroom

A gift from one of my co-workers

And that's most of our apartment.  I did leave out our den.  It's kinda boring... a desk, computers and bookshelf.  It's also where Lily lives :)

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