August 25, 2013

Birthday Party Fun

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for my nephew who is turning 2 next week!  

His mom asked him a couple months ago what kind of party he wanted and he answered (without hesitation) "Elmo party"

His Nana made the adorable cake and cookie monster cupcakes

The party was at Gymboree (a gym, not the clothing store) so the kids climbed, ran, jumped, blew bubbles, sang songs, rolled cars, and danced.  Chase loved playing with his cousin Luke

He was the star of the show at the head of the table for snack time

And really enjoyed his Elmo cake.  
side story about the cake: back at Chase's house his Nana had made him another Elmo cake for his family party.  Toward the end of the night he walked up to his mom with red icing all over his hand and she went to wash it off and he thought he was in trouble.  My brother confessed that Chase stuck his hand into the icing on the plate because his daddy (the ultimate grazer) did it first. 

After the Gymboree party all of the family went back to Chase's house where we had dinner, more cake and he opened all his presented.  It took him about 1 gift before he remembered how to rip all the tissue out to get to the good stuff :)  He got lots of fun toys that they then all got to play with

We had a lot of fun celebrating him and I think he had fun too ;)

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