August 17, 2013

Rangers Game Fun

 Last week my friend Sarah sent me a message to say they had extra tickets for the Rangers game Friday night and asking if we wanted to join them.  We usually have a lot of fun with Ray and Sarah and David likes baseball (just a little) so we were excited to go

 Last night could not have been more perfect weather.  These past few days here have felt like it's Texas' version of Fall and I kind of love it... I hope it lasts!

 Ray was insistent they have the 2 foot long hot dog

 With my man

Sweet friend!

We had a really good time and it was a perfect combination.  I usually get restless at the games (I've told David if baseball games were only 5 innings that would be perfect!) and Sarah does too, so I had a friend to go walk around with while the boys watched the game and talked baseball trivia.  

Thanks for inviting us friends!

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