August 8, 2013

Apartment Tour Part 4

Today's Apartment Tour includes all of my organizational things that I've set up.

It is really nice to me when everything has it's set place, so I was excited to get organizational tools set up at the apartment.  

We'll start in the kitchen where I feel like we have the least space, but the most stuff...

 Our kitchen has no silverware drawer.  So in May I bought this organizer in Canton and I love it! 

Love this rack to set up all of our cookie sheets, cake pans, and muffin tins on their sides.  So easy to get to things!

 And I love these cabinet shelves for organizing our plates and glasses

Pop Containers are wonderful

 I'm a big fan of baskets for organizing odds and ends, such as our Wii accessories here

 I have lots of shoes.  At least most of them have a home here!

This idea I stole from Nicki... an over the door organizer for bathroom stuff.  I really have way too many hair products, appliances, lotions, and other stuff.  But this is a great place for all of them!

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