July 17, 2013

Wedding Detail Prep

Wedding Week started off with a shopping trip to SAMS.  My mom and I spent the morning there buying supplies for favors and Hotel Welcome Bags as well as drinks for the reception.  

Tuesday we spent all day baking cookies.  I had decided I really liked the idea of cookie favors and when we looked at the cost of having a monogrammed cookie made, I started finding options that we could do ourselves.  I love to bake so it seemed like something that could be fun to make.  I am terrible at decorating my baked goods, so when I found this cookie stamp I was excited to try it out.

We had several test recipes in the months leading up to the wedding until we found the one that we liked the most.  And then we started baking.

The cookies required a lot of butter

I thought they turned out really well.  The "D" looked good and was readable on almost all of them.

 Counting Cookies:

Then on Wednesday, Nicki and Erin helped us stuff the cookies in these favor boxes so they were all ready to go for the reception.

The other main week-of project was flowers.  They were delivered Friday morning and we took a few trips to get all of the water set so the flowers could rest in the buckets.  

 The purple calla lilies were for the reception centerpieces

 My awesome MOH completed the assembly of bridesmaid bouquets (they were mostly assembled from SAMS) and wrapped them in teal ribbon.

There were different projects to keep us busy that week, but I was definitely glad that there wasn't too much to do and overall it was a pretty relaxing and fun week spending time with everyone!

More details will come once we get back all of our pictures and I have more things to share :)

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