July 24, 2013

Jamaica Day 3: the day we almost went zip lining- twice

We woke up Wednesday ready to start our excursion we'd had booked since June. We ate at the breakfast buffet and then headed to find our ride.

We had booked a ziplining tour about an hour and a half away with a pick up at a hotel about 30 minutes from ours. We went to the concierge desk the day before to make sure we would have a ride and they said just to come down there when we needed to go and they'd get a driver to take us. Alas 9;15 rolled around and no one was at the concierge desk- for like 10 minutes- so we were redirected to the tour desk and they thought they might be able to get us on a bus. When 9:30 rolled around and we weren't close to getting on a bus we realized we weren't going to make it to the other hotel for our ride. 

So we decided to book a Zip lining tour through our hotel to leave at 11:40. We sat by the pool to pass the time and then headed to mystic mountain. 

Pretty huh?  Too bad the ride to the top was broken. So we waited for an hour and were told to reschedule. Back to the hotel we went. 

Luckily the tour group was great and was able to switch our stuff around to go to the falls Wednesday instead of Thursday so we could go ziplining Thursday. 

So then Wednesday could be the day we saw Dunn's River Falls! 

To continue the day of unpredictableness we really had no idea what to expect. And didn't know that it would be a getting soaked kind of excursion. But the water actually felt really refreshing as we hiked up. 

There were a lot of people and groups going up

We really had a lot of fun!

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