July 20, 2013

Wedding Day!

I woke up Saturday and the big day was finally here!  I slept until 6:00 (which I was honestly surprised I wasn't up earlier!) and finished up my letter to give to David that afternoon.  

I left my room to see that Nicki had set up balloons to start the celebration!  She and I headed downstairs to enjoy the hotel breakfast and it was a great morning of catching up with her.

Soon enough everyone else started arriving and sweet Melissa got started on my hair

 I definitely enjoyed someone else fixing my hair!

 I went over some reception details with Sarah so she would feel ready to head over and get it all set up for us (what a blessing she was!)

 Last few bobby pins put in
 Then it was time to finish up my makeup
 My lovely pre-wedding photographer!
 Sparkle powder :)
 I got to the church to find this sweet letter from my almost-husband

 We checked on the flowers and they were still doing well

We got to check out my beautiful bouquet that we hadn't seen yet.  I was very pleased with how it turned out and how she attached it to the Bible my family has passed down through the years

 My mom got me into my dress
 And Melissa put on my veil so we could head to take some formal pictures!

We headed back to the room and had about an hour to kill, but it went by pretty quickly.  I was lucky to be surrounded by such great friends

 Laughs with my sweet nephew

 Photo ops with my best friends

 Seeing Sami for the first time that day

Then it was time for a few final details
 Reading the letter David wrote...
 ...a prayer with our awesome officiant...
... a final sip of water..
...touching up some curls
... and a final touch up of lipgloss.

Then it was time to go see my groom!  

It was such a wonderful morning and the day only got better from there.  For now that's all of the pictures and story until we got our official ones back and then there will be more posts to come. 

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