July 17, 2013

Day 3

I can't believe how close it's getting!  This  morning I packed my suitcase for Jamaica and took it over to David's apartment all ready to go!  

After a few tasks at home, we met up with the wedding coordinator at the church to walk through the ceremony details and decoration ideas. It was nice to talk through it all- and surreal that it's so close!

Nicki came in to town today so I spent most of the afternoon catching up with her and Erin. And I put them to work stuffing favor boxes. 

We had dinner with David and one of his groomsmen who flew in tonight. And now we're watching TV and catching up some more.  It's been a good day. I think most of the busyness starts up tomorrow night with the bachelorette party into a busy day on Friday. I can't wait for all the fun!

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