January 31, 2009

Adoption Day!

1 year ago today I drove to Cooper, Texas to get my first puppy. The random things surrounding me getting Allie are kind of humorous. For instance, the guy we bought her from was so country he told us that he didn't know "nothing about no internet" and that a friend of his posted an add for the puppies online, but no one around there knew how to get pictures on. Or the fact that I was not sure if I wanted one of the boys or the only girl, but they opened the gate and the girl came running to me and jumped on me so I got my Allie girl (which is ironic considering, when she meets new people, she usually runs away from them, but she does still escape out gates!)

But I embarked on this adventure and I absolutely love having her! Here are some pictures from the last year:On her first night at home, crawled up in my lap to check me out

Learning to jump over the gate!

Many trips to the dog park

Play dates with her best friend Sasha


And of course, her first birthday

What a year it's been with my Allie-girl!

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Nicki and Mathis said...

YAY!! I had no idea we got Allie and Carter so close together. Today's Carter's Adoption Birthday!