January 3, 2009

Sweet Freedom...

allie has been spoiled this year so far. She has not been in her crate at all since I got home from celebrating new years! We have been staying with my mom and even though I have gone out a couple of time since then, sweet grandma has watched Allie girl while I've been gone. Which means that she hasn't been in her crate in the last 3 days! I got Allie last January and since then, I don't think she has had a day where she has not been in her crate for at least some amount of time. Even if I'm not working, I always go somewhere at least to the grocery store or somewhere when she has to be put up, even just for an hour.

Crazy girl is enjoying her freedom a little too much and she will be VERY sad come Monday morning when I go back to work and she is stuck once again all day long!

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