January 22, 2009

Honestly Speaking

Nicki tagged me for the Honest Scrap. Basically the rules are to write 10 honest things about yourself and then tag 7 people. Well I don't really have 7 people to tag, but I did write 10 honest things about me, so here you go:

1. I watch entirely too much television--for instance, I have 4 shows that I tape just on Monday nights, it's a little pathetic
2. I absolutely love baking, but I avoid it as much as possible because I have no one to bake for and I don't want to end up with all the yummy, but bad for me treats!
3. I drink water and sodas really quickly. Seriously, if I am not paying attention I will drink an entire 20 ounce bottle of water in less than 5 minutes because I just drink it until it's gone.
4. I have never played a sport and am pretty sure if I tried I would be really bad
5. I always read before going to sleep. And I usually get through at least 3 books a month.
6. I watch The Bachelor and I love it.
7. I love working with Jr High "Kids"-- most people run from this age, but they are so fun!
8. I am really enjoying the fact that my Allie girl is finally growing out of pupphood a little bit and will cuddle with me on the couch after about 6:00 each evening which is when she's ready for bed!
9. I work in a Brookshire's shopping center, which is really dangerous. My co-workers and I go there so often that when I check out, the lady often says to me "see you tomorrow!"
10. I love to make crafts, but don't feel as though I'm very good at them

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