January 20, 2009

Prayers for a Sweet Friend

I wanted to lift up my friend Erin in prayer and ask for all of your prayers as well. She is undergoing some medical tests this week after a routine visit to the optometrist over Christmas break. Please pray for her peace and for the wisdom of the doctors to find exactly what is going on!

Erin has been such an amazing friend to me since we met at Baylor. We met because she used to take this loser Freshman to church every week when I had no friends ;) And she is such a wonderful blessing to me. I am so lucky that she is living in the Dallas area with me--she has definitely made the transition from school so much easier and we have had lots of fun on all of our Dallas adventures over the last year. Erin is such a beautiful woman of God who has a heart and a passion for Him and I just pray for His blessings and comfort over her this week.

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erin m said...

awww...thanks laura! between you and nicki's posts, i am a crying mess! haha. thank you for your sweet words. i am so glad we can galavant across Dallas together!