March 24, 2017

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!

1} I'm 39 weeks today.  Cooper is the size of a pumpkin, mini watermelon, rack of ribs, or a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts.  At my appointment on Monday we did a sonogram and he was showing off much more than the last time when he turned away from the wand.  They were able to get good measurements for him and we even saw some of his hair floating on his head.  He was already measuring at 40 weeks, so we will see how big he ends up being!

2} I mentioned last week all of the dates we've been squeezing in.  Last weekend we headed to see Beauty and the Beast and then we went to eat lunch at Old Chicago pizza.  This week we walked to a new restaurant park about a mile and a half from us and tried out a new Chinese food place.  Last night we enjoyed dinner and March Madness at Taco Joint!  It's been nice to also take a break from cooking every night while we enjoy a few more dinners out!

3} I've also been doing a ton of walking this week.  My goal was to finish most of my to do list by 38 weeks (last Friday) and then just spend the rest of the time waiting for Cooper by resting and walking.  And at my doctor's appointment on Monday her main recommendation was to do lots of walking.  So I've gone on 2 walks a day most days this week.  Monday night we kicked off the first day of spring with a walk to our local sonic for half price shakes.  

4}One of the very last to-dos was a bath and pedicure (nail grinding) for Lily.  I took her on Tuesday morning and this was her afterward.  She was happy to be done.   She's always so soft the first few days after her bath!

5} The ladies in my Wednesday morning Bible Study group threw me little baby shower this week during our study.  They had muffins and fruit for everyone and they gave us several different kinds of diapers.  They also had a time of prayer for me and Cooper.  I am so thankful for their generosity!


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Amy said...

A box of donuts?? Haha that's a funny comparison.