March 17, 2017

High Five for Friday

1} A few months ago, I made a list of the deep cleaning and organizing projects I wanted to try to get done around the house before Cooper comes.  I worked through most of them, but wanted to focus on getting things clean right before he arrives.  I found this 30 day Spring Cleaning Challenge last month and I realized I was about 6 weeks from his due date so if I did one task a day during the week then it would take me 6 weeks.  I added a few things and took off a few things that didn't apply to us and this week I finished deep cleaning our living room.  It's nice to have a clean home for at least a few days and to focus on some areas that often get overlooked (like our bedroom curtains or our mattress!)

2} March Madness is here and this is the first year in a while that I did not fill out a bracket.  But I am following a little of it and am excited that Baylor won their game today!  After a few years of first-round tournament disappointment, I'm glad they are at least moving on to another game.  Sic 'em Bears!

3} I reach 38 weeks of pregnancy today!  Cooper is growing and moving around like crazy this week.  I go to the Dr Monday for another check up and ultrasound.  It's hard to believe that we could meet him any time now!

4} We've been enjoying some dates lately since we never know when our last weekend of just us 2 might be.  Last weekend we enjoyed dinner at a new-to-us restaurant on Lake Lewisville.  This weekend we've got plans for a movie and lunch out together.  Trying to soak up our time before Cooper arrives

5} I am grateful for some good sleep over the last month.  I am a terrible sleeper and most of my pregnancy I have slept pretty horribly.  Like, before February I could count on one hand the number of times where I slept through the night and was not awake for 2 hours or more in the middle of the night since July.  Somehow the last month has been really good to me.  I still have a couple of nights a week where I am awake for 2+ hours in the middle of the night, but I also have several nights a week where I sleep through the night or go back to sleep easily when I wake up.  I'm grateful for a chance to rest before all my sleep gets messed up again with our new little guy!

Happy Friday!!  I am off to get a massage and then spend a low key evening resting at home.

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