March 1, 2017

Baby Sewing Projects: Burp Cloths, Bibs, Teethers, Door Muffler

Still working on getting Cooper's room set up.  I'm starting to slow down some, so it's taking a while to get everything organized.  So in the mean time, I thought I'd share a few more sewing projects I've been working on.

First up--Burp Cloths
 So I may have gone a little crazy and made a lot of these (this isn't even all of them)!  I mainly followed this tutorial for size and instructions.  When I went to buy fabric for it, Joann had all of their nursery fabric half off (or more!) so I stocked up on several patterns.  These were really easy to whip up with my rotary cutter and sewing machine

 The original tutorial said to use a minky fabric for the back, so I did that on several of the burp cloths, but when I ran out I tried a few other backings.  I have lots of fleece for other projects, so I did some with fleece.  And then I also bought some cheap towels at IKEA, so I used some of that terry cloth for the back of others.  I think the minky and the terry cloth are my favorite and those are the ones I'd use again.  I find minky to be kind of difficult to sew and keep straight, so the terry cloth ones are the easiest to make--but the minky ones are so soft.

Next up-- Bandanna Bibs
 One of my friends from college has a business where she sells scarves and accessories and she has recently started making bandanna bibs and I think they are so cute.  So when I was browsing Pinterest and a pattern came up for bandanna bibs I decided to try my hand at them.  This tutorial has a pattern for the bibs in 3 different sizes as well as clear instructions.  These were fairly simple to cut out and put together.  I sewed on some snaps and they were ready to go.  I had to try a few out in Baylor and OU fabric as well as the baseball fabric that my friend Stephanie gave me from her little boy's nursery.

Teething Rings
 I thought these were so cute when I first saw them.  And I figured it was a good way to use some of my left over fabric and terry cloth.  I followed these instructions and sewed up the fabric part.  I bought these rings off Amazon and assembled them this weekend.

 I think putting these 3 together makes a pretty adorable set :)

Lastly-- A Door Muffler
And because I had extra fabric, I also sewed up this Door Muffler for Cooper's door to help us close and open it without making too much noise.  Who knows if it'll work well or not--but I thought it was worth a shot and it was easy to make.

We are officially in Cooper's due date month--although we know he could easily be born in April-- which makes things really fun and exciting as we enter the last few weeks without him here!

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erin m said...

SO cute!!! I love all of it!