October 13, 2015

Pinterest Cooking: Taco Lime Grilled Shrimp

I've had this recipe on my Pinterest board for a while and it's actually been on my weekly meal plan the last few weeks, but one thing or another has come up and I just got around to making it yesterday.   
I do a lot of meal planning and not very much sticking to my meal plan.  So I had told David over the weekend that I had dinners planned every night this week so he could help me stay accountable for cooking them and not just deciding we wanted to go get something else. 

So I got home from work yesterday and seasoned and marinated the shrimp.  I heated up my grill pan.  And then I searched high and low for my bamboo skewers to use for grilling the shrimp and they were nowhere to be found.  Fail for me not getting everything together ahead of time, but they've been sitting in the same cabinet for a year and now suddenly I can't find them.  I have no idea what happened to them.  We have some metal skewers and I tried those, but they were too long for the grill pan so the shrimp wouldn't grill right.

Since I already had the shrimp all ready I figured I'd try a different method.  So I cooked them like I did the Italian Shrimp (350 degrees for 15 minutes) and they cooked perfectly!  So grateful my shrimp were saved... and honestly it was a lot easier than grilling it so I may just stick to this method any time I make it!  It was a great weeknight dinner.  David had Shrimp tacos and I ate them by themselves.  

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