October 24, 2015

Pinterest Cooking: DIY Mixes

One of then pins I found on Pinterest recently was a link to a blog that has tons of recipes to "make your own mixes."  I'd tucked it away for later and have looked at it a few times since then to try to find things I'm interested in making.

I've already posted a few times about my new favorite homemade pizza sauce recipe from Jen Hatmaker.  I've made it twice (it makes about 4-5 pizza's worth) and we just recently used the last jar from our freezer, so a few weeks ago I bought the ingredients to make another batch.

I was able to come home a little early from work yesterday, so I decided to spend the evening making our new batch of pizza sauce.  Our friends that we had over for homemade pizza a few months ago are having a baby next week, so I decided to make an extra batch to help stock their freezer for easy meals in the next few months.

While the sauce was simmering, I decided to try out the recipe from the Homemade Mixes blog for Freezer Friendly Homemade Pizza Dough.  The recipe makes enough for 2 crusts and can be frozen and then baked later.  I made 2 crusts for our freezer and 2 to give to our friends.  I haven't baked them yet so I can't give much of a report on how they taste, but the dough seemed to come together better than either of the other crusts I've made, so I'm excited to try it the next time we want pizza.

Today I have been home listening to and watching the crazy rain, so I decided to also try out the Freezer Friendly Cookie Dough Recipe.  The dough was very tasty and I'm excited to have some ready to go to the next time we want to make cookies!

I am a big fan of prepping meals for our freezer and I will probably be experimenting with a few more soon to try to stock our freezer before we get kids placed with us so we've got some go-to dinners already ready.  I was grateful for these 2 recipes to get started and am looking forward to trying out more of her mix recipes.

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