October 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Foster Kids: The Kids' Room

This is the most fun part of getting ready for kids--getting a kid room ready!
 Over Labor Day weekend, I decided to paint our empty bedroom to get it ready.  We needed something that would work well for a boy or a girl and I wanted something that was bright and fun.  I tend to just pick a color and go with it instead of trying out different paint samples and spending a lot of time deliberating.  So we looked at several paint chips, picked a color and bought a gallon of paint.

 I spent the Sunday before Labor Day painting the room and knocked it out in one afternoon.  Once I was done, it was much brighter than I was expecting, but I really like the way it turned out.  And with furniture in the room it's not quite so bright!
This is a view of both of our beds.  We will be licensed to take 2 kids ages birth-5, so it's pretty hard to prepare for that.  We decided to start out with a twin bed and crib that converts into a toddler bed. as well as a pack and play, since those will most likely cover most of our bases at least temporarily--and then if we need to run out and buy another crib or another twin bed, we will do that.
David's parents generously bought us a crib and we picked out this white one.  We spent a few evenings putting it all together and love the way it turned out!
 The twin bed took a little longer to assemble, but still came together fairly quickly.  We bought some plain bedding from IKEA and then will add additional blankets that fit our kids' preferences and personalities once we know them.

 I made these signs for the wall between the beds and I was very happy with how they turned out!

 We found this dresser on Craig's List and bought a changing pad for it.  It has a hutch that goes with it, but we decided to start with just the bottom part and then add the hutch later if we want to.

 We've also been stocking up on lots of books.  We've hit up Half Price Books a few times and I went to their big sale downtown where all books are $2 or less and bought several children's books.  I've also ordered a few books on Amazon that are recommended for Children in foster care.  I printed out this sign with a Dr Seuss Quote to add to our bookshelf.

I'm very happy with how the room turned out!  It's crazy to think that very soon there will be kids sleeping in these beds!

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