May 16, 2015

Cruisin to the Bahamas

We got back last weekend from a great vacation--and I'm just now getting a chance to look through our pictures and blog about it.  This was our first big vacation since our Honeymoon almost 2 years ago and it was great to be away.  We decided around Christmas time that we wanted to try to do a cruise.  So we booked it right around New Year's and planned to spend a few days in Orlando between the cruise and coming home.  

Here's a few memories from our cruise.  I'll post pictures of our time in Orlando in another post.

 We were on the first bus from the airport to the port Sunday morning so it didn't take us too long to get to the board the ship.  We ended up having several hours on the ship before we could get into our room so we enjoyed lunch and the view of all the other cruise ships

Monday morning we got up bright and early for our first (and only) excursion.  We booked a Jeep Tour around Freeport.  They picked us up at our hotel and took us to the Jeep sight.
 We were paired up with another couple--Jason and Jayci-- in our jeep.  There was a caravan of 5 jeeps following our tour guide
The first stop was the beach where our tour guide went through some Bahamas trivia and gave us some good information.  On our tour we drove out into a strip of land by the water, visited the Garden of the Groves for lunch and touring, and then ended with an hour long beach party.  I didn't get in the water but David had a chance to
Some of the beautiful scenery at the beach and the garden.  The ocean is so blue and clear in the Bahamas!

 My touring buddy
 The line of jeeps

Tuesday we were in port in Nassau.  We hadn't booked an excursion there and planned to just walk around and explore.  When we got off the ship that morning it started pouring down rain, so we only made it about 15 minutes before we decided to turn around and just spend the day on the ship.  We did a lot of resting that day while my cast dried out from the rain :)

We were a little bummed that 1 of 2 days in port was too rainy to explore, but we still had a good time.  And there's plenty to do on the ship.

We enjoyed several of the ship's activities throughout the week.  In addition to all the good food!
 We went to the comedy show 2 of the night.  They had 2 different comedians and we got to see them both during our cruise.

 Tuesday night we went to the Hasbro game show where they had audience members engage in games like Yahtzee Bowling and Operation Ski Ball.  We enjoyed watching with one of the other couples from our dinner table.

 Then we stayed after the game show and played Bingo.  We got Bingo cards and official souvenier daubers

And every night at the end of dinner our servers danced or sang for us and had us swing our napkins to get the party started

And we came back from dinner every night to find our towel animals.

I also did a lot of this on the trip.  I was able to get around pretty well, but still needed to rest quite a bit after walking for part of the day.  So I spent a lot of time with my feet up.  When I broke my foot in April and realized that I'd be in the cast for our cruise I was pretty disappointed, but we made the most of it...
 ... and I realized one of the positives of a broken foot while I was packing--I only had to take my Left shoes, so it opened up a lot of space in my suitcase :)

Overall, it was a great week away with my favorite guy

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