May 23, 2015

Cooking up Memories: Muffin Tin Rolls

This recipe for rolls is from David's Nanny.  David has lots of fond memories eating at his Nanny's house because she makes some of the very best food.  And she is always so sweet to make special goodies for us whenever we come to visit.

I was excited to try out this recipe for rolls and kept looking for the right dinner to make them with.

I gathered all the ingredients and mixed them up.  While the dough was rising I cleaned our kitchen and did all of the dishes from these rolls and the cake I made.  

Baked them up and they turned out beautifully.  These rolls were so delicious!  We all loved them.  And they are pretty simple to put together, so I look forward to making them for lots of dinners in the future.

Ready to be served up with dinner

Muffin Tin Rolls
*1 package Yeast (dry) *1 cup Warm Water *2 tablespoons Sugar *1 teaspoon Salt *1 Egg *2 tablespoons Shortening *2.5 cups Flour
-Dissolve yeast in warm water
-Add all ingredients except 1 cup flour.  Beat smooth
-Add remaining flour.  Cover & let rise until double (about 30 minutes)
-Stir down batter and spoon into greased muffin cups--1/2 full
-Let rise until the rolls reach toy of cups (about 20-30 min)
-Bake 15 minutes at 400 degrees

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