October 1, 2013

Wedding: Us

So we finally got all of our pictures from the Photographer!  We will be getting a CD with the high resolution pictures, but I couldn't wait to share some of the ones from the website here.

I figured I'd start with the pictures of David and I that we liked best.  But check back because I've got posts scheduled each morning this week with new details!

I just love this man.  And I am so grateful to be his wife!


erin m said...

YAY!! I finally was able to look at them all last night. They turned out SO great. Can't wait to read all of your posts!! :)

Kristen said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Y'all both look so happy and David looks incredibly proud to be your husband! I can't wait to see more pictures!
Good luck ordering pictures. I didn't order our wedding album until almost 3 years later because I couldn't narrow down my list :)