October 4, 2013

Wedding: Family and Friends

After the ceremony we got to spend a little time with our families taking some pictures

One of my first priorities was seeing my sweet grandpa who had just gotten into town
love him so much

We took pictures with our extended families

And our immediate families

Love both of these women so much

Then we headed to the reception.  We really enjoyed the party and loved getting to see everyone.  Wedding receptions can be difficult because you have your 200 favorite people there but you can only see each one for such a short time.  But we are grateful for everyone who came to celebrate with us

 I was a part of Nicki and Mathis' wedding 6 years ago, so it was such a blessing to have them as a part of ours!

 Friends from High School (and/or middle school)

 Some of the youth I worked with


 Young Adults Friends

 The soon-to-be Ivy's

 Good friends from my growing up years

 My awesome MOH

After making our rounds we had a bubble send off

And drove off to enjoy our Honeymoon!

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