October 3, 2013

Wedding: Bridal Party

We had a really awesome Bridal Party.  Both David and I are blessed with great friends who celebrated with us.

I was lucky enough to have 2 college best friends
2 sister-in-laws

and 2 newer friends by my side

Love these girls!

And David had some great guys with him too!

 And of course our wedding wouldn't have been complete without...

..an officiant...

 ...lovely musicians...
...and the most adorable ring bearer.

And our wedding party went above and beyond to perform several other jobs that day (not to mention the weeks and months leading up to the wedding where they helped with details, threw showers and parties, and listened to us!)
Jobs included Hair Fixing
Providing the Ring Bearer ;)

Getting my groom in the church so I could come in

Taking care of my dress

Keeping in touch with David

 Giving Toasts

And keeping the party going!

We are so grateful for all who came and celebrated with us, but even more so for those who are so close to us who stood by our sides!  We're lucky to call them each friends!

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