October 5, 2013

Wedding: Decorations and Details

One of the biggest things to plan in a wedding are the decorations.  I love the way our Sanctuary is set up, so I didn't feel like I had to add too much

We had lots of candles and let the lighting set the stage

We also added purple rose petals (with some white mixed in) to line the aisle and bring in the purple color

Our programs also helped bring the colors into the Sanctuary:
I thought the silhouette programs I saw online were so cute, so I decided to make my own version and mount it on purple paper.

I am not big on flowers and I didn't care too much about them, so most flowers we ordered in bulk and did ourselves.  We did order the boutonnieres and my bouquet.  I loved the way my bouquet turned out

Our florist was able to attach it to the family Bible I carried.  This Bible belonged to my mom's mom.  My mom and Aunts carried it at their weddings as did my cousin, so I was grateful to have this tradition to carry on!

Then we moved on to the reception!

This was our Welcome Table
It was complete with pictures, a scrapbook and Madlibs for people to fill out (found the template here... they were so easy to print out and mat with teal paper).  We also had the photobooth set up in the foyer.

I spent some time figuring out the centerpieces for the guest table.  Once again, I wanted to use candles more than flowers.  I loved the look of the purple calla lilies.  They were not available to order for about 5 months while planning the wedding, but I was so excited that they came back to order about a month before we got married!  I think they helped bring it all together.  We also made the vellum luminaries and added some votives and teal rose petals

And the favors with cookies were at each seat:
 And of course there were our beautiful cakes.  I love the way they looked and what they added!

And I thought they were delicious.  

Chase will back me up on that :)

And with that final picture of my adorable nephew, the wedding recap is wrapped up!

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