October 13, 2013

OU/TX Watch Party

College football is my absolute favorite sport.  It's been even more exciting the last few years with Baylor playing well, but even before that I loved going to and watching games.  

We recently added a little bit of football fun to our office alongside our diplomas :)

Since David is an OU alumn we watch a lot of those games--but none are as big as the Red River Rivalry each October.  This year we decided to have a few international friends over to watch the game with us, so we spent a lot of time explaining the rules to them and I think we had a lot of fun (except David wasn't such a fan of OU losing)

And what's the fun in watching college football without good food??  We had chips with queso, salsa, and bean dip as well as cookies during the game.  At half time we had lunch consisting of taquitos and some "chinese burritos" our friend Lucas brought.
I made some fun cookies to go with the theme.

Never in a million years thought I'd be making so many OU cookies... but of course I had to throw in a little Baylor love

After the TX OU game we switched over to watch Baylor play K State.  The game was a little too close for a while, but the Bears did well pulling out a win on the road when KSU was looking for revenge from last year.

We also got a new TV this week... Baylor football sure looks good on it :)

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