November 19, 2012

November Photo a Day Part 2

 Love my Tervis Tumbler!

Dog Included in sleeping arrangements

My friend Jill and I were in charge of making the popcorn for our agency's All Staff meeting.  Look at that container of oil/butter.  Gross

 My eval kit for work

 Passed this same intersection at 3:45 am and 11:05 pm.  Friday was a long day!

Michaels had all their yarn on sale!  And I've been getting back in to knitting--we'll see how that goes

 Caption for this day if you can't read it is "happened this weekend"  And guess what happened this weekend?  My 2 best friends and I had bought tickets for this weekend's Baylor game back in September, so we go to watch Baylor beat Kansas State--the #1 ranked team in the country--by 28 points.  It was amazing.

 Also happened this weekend: got to spend time (though never enough time!) with both of these girls together for the first time in almost a  year and a half

And I celebrated 6 months of dating this guy.

It was a good weekend.

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