December 16, 2008

Santa!! I know him! I know him!

Even though I am growing up, some of my favorite recent Christmas Memories are of taking pictures with Santa! One year my mom asked for a picture of her kids, but we didn't get her list until 3 days before Christmas--so my brothers and I stood in line at the mall to take our picture with Santa! That picture is proudly displayed at my Grandpa's house now!

I have also had the opportunity to get a picture made with Santa and some of my best friends!

Nicki and I with the Santa in the Collins Cafeteria when we went to get lunch before class!

And this year Erin and I got to sit in Santa's lap at the ICE! Exhibit (yes this Santa is made entirely out of ice!)

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Nicki and Mathis said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! Sorry I was so distracted on the phone tonight! :( Love you!!