December 14, 2008

Puppy Love

On nice evenings/nights, I will leave the door open to my balcony so Allie can go outside and come in as she pleases. She loves to sit on the balcony and watch as people and dogs go by. It had been a while since it was nice enough for her to be outside during the evening (it's been too cold lately!), but tonight she was able to!

She sits out there and will bark or get excited if another dog comes by, but then will quickly calm. But at least once each night I will hear her get really excited and start howling and barking like a crazy woman--that is when I know without a doubt that Buddy is walking by.

Buddy is another puggle who lives in the building next to us. He and Allie have met numerous times while both out for walks and they definitely both can hardly contain themselves when they see each other. Tonight Allie was sitting and howling like crazy and Buddy was downstairs looking at her and whining. Buddy's mom told me that everytime they walk by our building, he looks to see if Allie is there. And sweet Allie girl was running from the balcony inside to the door and back to try to find a way to get down to see her friend!

It it such a cute thing and I had forgotten about it since it had been awhile since Allie was outside--but tonight she got to see her Buddy and she was so excited he came walking by! Oh puppy love!

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