November 2, 2008


What a wonderful weekend! First of all--I have to tell you that after my crazy post about how worried I was about Allie, she did very well at Beth's house! She never once tried to escape, she spent most of her day sitting with Beth's husband (which if you know Allie--you know that's strange because she doesn't like new people!), she played hard and wore all the puppies out, and she didn't try to tear anything up! I was so glad she did well :)

And Homecoming was great--it felt SO good to be back at Baylor. I don't really realize how much I miss it until I come back! Erin and I got up very early and left for Waco a little before 6:00. Made 1 stop for caffeine and then headed into town. We got there very early for the parade, and were surprised, but very glad, to find that the bookstore was already open! So we looked around at all the Baylor stuff and got some new shirts!

Then Mathis and Nicki and her parents joined us for the parade. It was so great to see my best friend again! We enjoyed the parade and then Erin and I went to Bush's for sweet tea and rolls. Came back to campus to find Dr. Pepper hour going on so had our Dr Pepper floats! Then we walked around a little bit, took some pictures with Judge Baylor, then headed out to lunch with Nicki's family!

After lunch we headed to the game, where Erin and I were so [not] fortunate to be sitting right in the middle of Mizzou fans! And an added bonus we got to stare directly into the sun (which attributed to my now wonderful tan lines...). After the first half of Baylor being down 21-7 and being amidst the Missouri fans, Nicki invited us to come join them! So we were very fortunate to return to the Baylor side! Where the game then turned exciting--Baylor tied it up in the 3rd, then Missouri scored and we tied it up again in the 4th. Mizzou ended up winning by getting a field goal in the last 3 minutes. But it was a good game! And I got to spend a lot of time catching up with Jenny (Nicki's mom) and hearing about her new job! Very fun!

Then Erin and I drove through Katie's Custard so I could fill my craving for a Harvest Cyclone and Erin was able to get her dirt and worms! Then we got back on the road to head back to Dallas.

It was a very fun day--got to spend it with some of my favorite people, the weather was beautiful, I was back on campus, and I ate lots of Waco's finest foods :) Coming home felt nice...

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Nicki & Mathis said...

we never got katie's. :( and you and i never got our wedding cake martini's!!! :(

but i am glad we got to spend time together!! :)