November 9, 2008

A Birthday Celebration

This picture is in honor of my brother, Jeremy's, 29th Birthday! His birthday was on Friday, but we spent this afternoon celebrating with him. This picture is one of my mom's favorites...she thinks it's so funny because apparently when I was baby I was scared of Jeremy and he just wanted to hold me all the time--and then I got a little older and I wanted to follow him everywhere and he wanted nothing to do with me by this point. So she likes to remind me that once upon a time I wasn't so sure about him! And then I turned 4 and we decided it was the most fun to gang up on the kid in the middle, so all of our games we teamed up against Nick!

Anyway, I spent this afternoon at my brother's house hanging out with our family and Aja's. We ate fajitas and Texas Cake that my mom made (which is J's favorite!). Then after Aja's family left, we played Dominoes and hung out. It was a very relaxing afternoon and I enjoyed getting to spend so much time with my family!

We found out this weekend that Nick (my other brother) is probably moving back to Austin in January or February. He has been back home with my mom since this past January and we have all started to take it for granted having him around! J & Aja's house is just 10 minutes from my apartment and having Nick at mom's house made it easy for us all to get together frequently. But it looks like come 2009, he will be back in Austin and rare visits will become the norm again--so it was good to have today, and it will be good to enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season before he heads South!

Anyway, I digressed a little bit--this post was supposed to be about Jeremy. Happy Birthday to the brother who teased and tormented, but always loved me unconditionally!

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Nicki & Mathis said...

this picture is SOOOO cute! i love hearing about your family! and thanks so much for your prayers, especially for continued prayer over Mathis.