October 31, 2008

A Weekend Apart...

So this weekend I am heading down to Waco for Baylor Homecoming!! I am so excited to get to spend tomorrow with my best friends and go back for all the Homecoming fun! Even though we are not staying a night, I figure tomorrow will be a long day away, so Allie is staying with my co-worker Beth for the weekend...

I am not worried about Allie not enjoying herself--next to Sasha, Beth's dogs are some of her favorite to play with! We went over once a week in May to babysit their son and then spent a weekend at their house in August dog sitting. They have 4 dogs and 2 of them love to play as much as Allie-girl does!

We went over this evening and I stayed for a while so she could get settled. I went with Beth to take her son trick or treating, and I decided to let Allie take her costume for a whirl--everyone LOVED the dog dressed up as a pumpkin! She did so well, even though she is very skittish, she managed herself pretty well!

I am just a little nervous about leaving Allie because of her escape habits! The only times I have left Allie were over the summer with my brothers (on 2 different occasions) and both times she got out [see Allie's Adventures for more details!] and one of those times she nearly got hit by a car. Now never in all the time that we've spent at Beth's house has Allie even tried to get out--she's so entertained by the other dogs! And there is nowhere around their fence where she can fit. So I have no reason to worry--I just am a little anxious. I'm just a nervous little mama this weekend, but I know she needs to learn to be left!

Hopefully she will have the time of her life this weekend and when I come back tomorrow night things will be great!

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