October 25, 2008

Change of Scenery...

This weekend, Allie and I packed up to spend the weekend at my brothers' house (that's only about 10 miles away!) Jeremy and Aja are in San Antonio this weekend for a wedding, so we are here staying with their dog Maggie to keep her company! It has been a very interesting weekend, but has gone pretty well considering everything.

For those of you who don't know--Maggie is not particularly fond of Allie. Maggie's favorite thing is to just lay around and cuddle with people--Allie can't be around another dog without trying to play! So maggie tends to get annoyed with Allie pretty easily! And it has been hard for Allie because every time she realizes there is another dog there, she tries to go play.

But the girls have done very well and are handling things well! The only drama was figuring out where to sleep last night--they both wanted to be right next to me, but not next to each other so it was interesting! But this morning we went to the dog park (we spent half our time in the big dog park for Maggie and half in the little dog park for Allie!) and so they spent most of the day napping while I lounged and watched TV (which felt so good after a crazy week at work!)

Tonight my brother Nick came over to play Aja's new Wii! He was very patient to teach me how to work everything--and patient with me even though I am not very good at all! We had a good time playing Mario Kart! Now the "girls" and I are off to bed! Have a great weekend!

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