October 18, 2008

State Fair!

Today Erin and I headed off to the state fair! We have been planning to go since this summer and have been saving our money to be able to enjoy it all! We went in with the plan to not worry about riding rides, but to try as much food as we could! We started off the day in the Chevy test drive area--they had it set up so you could test drive any of the Chevy vehicles around this parking lot and even do some "off-roading" on hills and dirt. So I hopped in and Erin drove us around in the Chevy Silverado! The best part was that this was free--by far one of the coolest things at the fair and it doesn't even cost anything!

Then we set off to get started on the food--we decided to start with something somewhat substantial, so we had a lunch of hot dogs and corny dogs! We were also determined to try some of the crazy fair food. There were many contenders for what fried food to try--fried coke, fried honey buns, fried cheese on a stick, fried banana, and of course this year's popular chicken fried bacon-- but we settled on trying fried cheesecake and fried oreos... and both were amazing and did not disappoint!

We also rode the Texas Star (the big ferris wheel) and spent times walking around all the exhibits. We ended the day watching a dog show where they had "doggie freestyle" and they brought out dogs that danced with their owners.

It was a very fun day and the weather was gorgeous for a trip to the fair!

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Nicki & Mathis said...

i'm sooooooo jealous! :( i'm carving pumpkins with chase, erin, chelsea, and mathis right now... that's all the entertainment we have in a-town.