October 7, 2008

I love my job...

I love my job because I feel like everywhere I go I see something that relates to what I do...
Here are just a few examples!

*In my Bible Study last week it talked about how crucial and influential the first 3 years of life are! (which, just by the way is exactly why I work where I do--because we believe early is best!)
*I opened my email to find an article from Nicki about SIDS which is a very important issue for babies! (nicki and I both work every day with kids--even though they are different ages--we always end up sending each other things like this!)
*In the book I just finished last night, Sheila Walsh's Get Off Your Knees and Pray! she talks about a mom she knows who has a son with down syndrome and his precious spirit-- she discussed the struggles that this family faces, but she ends it by saying "I wish I could show you a picture of this young man's smile." And if you only knew how much I wished that for each of you too! Every day I work with kids who have varying degrees of disabilities, but they are some of the sweetest natured and most loving kids--kids who have smiles that can just make your day!

I also love my job because kids always come up with the cutest things...
*Today at an evaluation I had a little girl come and sit next to me and lean back on the couch just like I was and just look at me as if to say "are you watching me? I'm trying to be just like you!"
*At a visit today, one of my little boys just busted into a fit of giggles over nothing at all that was so contagious that his mom and I ended up laughing on the floor with him!
*Last week at a visit one of my little boys was pretending to take a bite of grapes from the book, and he refused to let the speech therapist turn the page until he had given a bite of grapes to mom, me, brother, and everyone else in the room!
...My job has been pretty stressful since the beginning of the summer--but those are the moments that make it worth it--the laughs and smiles and watching them grow and gain new skills!

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